Rhinital® is clinically effective in seasonal as well as perennial allergic rhinitis.

Rhinital® - convinces with proven tolerability and virtually no side-effects.

The excellent tolerability of Rhinital® has been proven in a multicentre study including 249 patients (median age: 28 years; range: 5–73 years) which had been conducted in 56 ENT centres in Germany. Physicians’ and patients’ assessment was highly congruent:

Almost all patients (98.3%) and physicians (99.6%) rated the tolerability of Rhinital® after 4 weeks of treatment as “very good” or “good”.

In all clinical studies up to now, reported adverse drug reactions have always been rare and usually mild, if not negligible. The positive benefit-risk-profile of Rhinital® is further substantiated by the post-marketing experience for many decades in various countries.

Rhinital® is clinically effective in seasonal as well as perennial allergic rhinitis.

The effectiveness of Rhinital® in the treatment of seasonal allergic rhinitis has been demonstrated in various clinical studies. In a multicentre study conducted in Germany remission respectively improvement rates of about 80% and more could be confirmed for all single symptoms (i.e. itching of nose, sneezing, difficulties with nasal breathing, runny nose, burning/itching, reddening and tearing of eyes, shortness of breath) after 4 weeks of treatment with Rhinital®.

Rhinital® offers a positive effect on patient’s general well-being and quality of life.

Rhinital® offers a safe and gentle relief of allergic rhinitis symptoms without any restrictions like dizziness or sleepiness. While conventional drugs are usually directed to alleviate only acute symptoms, Rhinital® acts twofold – it helps the body to cope with acute symptoms, but Rhinital® as a homeopathic product, also strengthens the body as a whole. This general invigorating effect on the body has a notable impact on patient´s quality of life.

Two studies - one investigating patients with seasonal the other one investigating patients with perennial allergic rhinitis – showed that Rhinital® improves patient´s level of suffering by complaints significantly after four weeks of treatment. Additionally, more than half of the patients in both studies stated that their everyday performance was restored to the usual level after four weeks of treatment with Rhinital®.