Effectiveness and tolerability of Influcid®

Years of positive experience and studies

Influcid® encourages the body with 6 natural components to improve its' self-defence mechanics. Their synergies of action strengthen the body's defence and thereby support thereby the healing tendency and recovery.

Influcid® has a very broad spectrum of action on acute diseases of the respiratory organs with viral aetiology, because it stimulates the immune system to deal with the infections and does not act on symptoms or in a pharmacological way on a selected element.

Effectiveness and tolerability of Influcid® have been proven by the clinical experience and an open, multicentre study, including a total of 600 patients (333 adults, 267 children under 12 years suffering from upper respiratory tract infections). The individuals were treated up to 9 days with Influcid®. Eight typical symptoms of the disease were investigated and an improvement was noted in about 90% of patients after three days. No symptoms were present at the final visit in about three quarters of the patients. Additionally, the patients' complaints had been reduced clinically and statistically significant after 5 days of treatment. The overall assessment of safety was good, or very good, in 99.7% of patients according to the investigator's opinion and in 99.5% according to the patient's opinion. The study demonstrated that Influcid® is well tolerated.