Cinnabsin® - is clinically effective in acute and chronic rhinosinusitis.

Cinnabsin® - convinces with proven tolerability and virtually no side-effects.

The excellent tolerability of Cinnabsin® in short-term as well as in long-term treatment had been shown in a multicentre study including 989 patients (mean age 28 ± 18 years; range: 2–80 years) who were either treated with Cinnabsin® for 4 weeks or for 12 weeks.

In all clinical studies conducted so far, reported adverse drug reactions have always been rare and usually mild, if nor negligible. The positive benefit-risk profile of Cinnabsin® is further substantiated by the post-marketing experience for many decades in various countries.

Cinnabsin® - is clinically effective in acute and chronic rhinosinusitis.

The effectiveness of Cinnabsin® in the treatment of acute rhinosinusitis has been demonstrated in various clinical studies. In a multicentre, randomized, double-blind study investigating the effectiveness of Cinnabsin® compared to placebo, the severity of sinusitis specific symptoms decreased significantly in patients treated with Cinnabsin® compared to patients in the placebo group (p < 0.0001). This decrease could already be demonstrated after 7 days of treatment.

In addition to this, Cinnabsin® has also demonstrated its effectiveness in chronic rhinosinusitis. In 197 patients with chronically recurrent sinusitis, almost 70 % of patients showed a complete recovery or a major improvement after 12 weeks of treatment with Cinnabsin®.

Cinnabsin® - has a strengthening effect on the whole body.

Compared to commonly used symptomatic treatment of rhinosinusitis which is usually directed to alleviate symptoms, Cinnabsin®, as a homeopathic product, strengthens the body´s self-defence mechanisms and thus activates the body´s self-healing powers.

Cinnabsin® acts twofold – it helps the body to cope with acute symptoms, but it also helps the body to cope with future infections.